Digital SAT

Differences between Traditional SAT and Digital SAT

  1. Test Format:
    • Traditional SAT: In the traditional SAT, students use a paper-and-pencil to complete the test. They mark their answers on a physical answer sheet, and the test booklets are provided by the test center.
    • Digital SAT: The Digital SAT is taken on a computer or tablet. Instead of a paper answer sheet, students select their answers by clicking on the screen. The test content is the same as the traditional SAT.
  2. Test Administration:
    • Traditional SAT: The traditional SAT is administered at physical test centers on specific test dates. Students need to travel to the test center to take the exam.
    • Digital SAT: The Digital SAT can be taken at a limited number of test centers that offer digital testing. It is also administered on specific test dates, but students take the test on a computer or tablet provided at the test center.
  3. Score Reporting:
    • Traditional SAT: Scores for the traditional SAT are typically reported within a few weeks after the test date. Students receive a paper score report.
    • Digital SAT: Scores for the Digital SAT are usually available earlier, often within a few days of taking the test. Scores are accessible online.
  4. Test Experience:
    • Traditional SAT: Some students may prefer the familiarity of paper-and-pencil testing. They mark answers by filling in bubbles, and the test booklets are laid out in a specific way.
    • Digital SAT: The Digital SAT offers a different test-taking experience. Students use a computer or tablet interface to select answers. Some students may find this format more engaging or comfortable.
  5. Section Timing:
    • Traditional SAT: In the traditional SAT, students move through the test at a set pace. They cannot go back to review or change answers in a section once time is called.
    • Digital SAT: The Digital SAT allows some flexibility in section timing. Students can skip ahead and return to previous questions within a section if time permits.
  6. Scrap Paper:
    • Traditional SAT: Students are provided with physical scrap paper for calculations and notes during the test.
    • Digital SAT: The Digital SAT provides an on-screen digital notepad for calculations and notes.
  7. Environment:
    • Traditional SAT: Students taking the traditional SAT may encounter different conditions at various test centers, including noise and distractions.
    • Digital SAT: Test centers offering the Digital SAT may provide a more controlled testing environment with fewer distractions.


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