Result: Selected in Ivy league school!

I started working with Darshan with a 600 on the SAT Math but within 3 months I was able to raise my SAT Math to a 730 (on the real test) and 750+ on SAT Practice Tests. Darshan has given me stellar tailored lessons that target specific skills on the SAT math. This SAT helped me get into an Ivy League school for college. This foundation has not only improved my SAT score but given me a good foundation for AP Calc AB which I currently have an A in: thanks to Darshan. I truly cannot say enough good things about Darshan's teaching and I recommend him to everyone who is in need of a math tutor.
Nila (Massachusetts, USA)
SAT & AP Calculus
Result: Improved his speed and strike rate

Darshan’s teaching and organization of concepts made learning accessible and easy to grasp. He exemplifies professionalism in his interactions and a personable demeanor at all times. I highly recommend Darshan and plan to seek his assistance again in the future for other needs.
Colin ODaniel (Texas, USA)
Result: Straight “A”

Darshan is a good teacher. He helps my son in both BC Calculus and AP Physics. He is happy to help with any topic my son would like to know. He is very knowledgeable and willing to adjust the classes with a short period of notice. I would highly recommend him.
Ram (Virginia, USA)
AP Physics and AP Calculus BC
Result: Improved her results in CLEP

Hey Darshan, I have passed my test. Your help was really worth it. I will keep working in the future as well
Deborah (France)
AP physics
Result: Improved his result from an average 70% to 90%+

Darshan, thank you for last night’s session. I got a 100 on my chapter 14 Geometry test!
Liam (Califoria, USA)
Geometry, Honours
Result: Guidance on various topics in Precalculus

Darshan provides fantastic quality of service always. He is always available and adheres to committed schedule. Darshan easily scores a 5 star. I am very very happy with his service so far and will continue to use his service for a long time!!!
Sanjith (Fremont, USA)
Result: Improved her results in OMPT

Hello Darshan, I received my results today and passed with a 63%. Thank you so much for your help and how easily you simplified each concept. Per your suggestion, using my intuition over formulas helped significantly, both when understanding concepts and answering questions. I will contact you for my next math exam!
Rachael (Tampa, USA)
Result: Helped her company in analysing and interpreting statistical data

It was a pleasure to work with Darshan. He is a professional in his field and it showed in the high quality work we received while working with him on our project. His statistical analysis really helped our company obtain the data and graphs that were needed. We plan on working on more projects with him. I highly recommend Darshan.
Christine (Irvine, USA)
Statistical analysis
Result: Helped his clients with group tutoring of Math sessions

Darshan has been working with me on a series of tasks for my project over the past year and a half and has always done a great job. He is an expert math tutor and does a great job with tasks related to that. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for someone to help with a tutoring or similar task.
Edward C. (Oviedo, USA)
Math tutoring – Group sessions
Result: Straight “A”

Darshan is absolutely a true gem to work with. I don't even know where to begin with. He is absolutely the top of the top mathematician in the market. This work is about advanced calculus and he truly knows every aspect and little detail of calculus. I gave him two practice problems to test if he is really that good because I had been scammed by some so-called "pros" here before. Not only did I waste the money, but I also turned in a rubbish result eventually. Normally Darshan will not do free trials, and I really appreciate that he could feel that I am very sincere. It took only five minutes to finish the two problems and give me the correct answers. Then the whole tutoring process is very smooth, Darshan is an extraordinary mentor and helped me understand every problem I have, better than my own teacher at school. I waited until my final exam performance was out to leave this comment because I want to check if I really improved myself under Darshan's tutoring. I got an A! I kind of hesitated to leave this comment because I was afraid so many people will choose Darshan because of it, leaving him less time for me. However, I believe in Darshan's professionalism, and he truly deserves it!
Paul S. (Florida, USA)
Calculus 1 and 2
Result: Gained confidence and improvement in results

Darshan assisted our 11th-grade son with Pre-Calculus, Trigonometry, and SAT preparation. It was a great experience. Our son improved and gained the confidence he needed to excel. Darshan was always punctual and prepared with targeted exercises for the different topics we needed to cover. I highly recommend Darshan for high school math tutoring.
Robert O. (New York, USA)
Result: Improved her score from low 60% to 80%

Hi Darshan, Wanted to share a good news. I did my physics paper and got 20/24! Wayy higher than I expected. Thank you so much!
Sanjita G. (Rome, Italy)
Physics 1

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